Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Profusion Smoky Eye Palette Review

     I posted on Friday that this was one of my new favorites. Now that I have had a chance to try most of the colors I thought I would share my thoughts. 
     If I remember correctly this palette was only 3.99 at Walgreens. I remember thinking it was such a good deal that I might as well give it a try - even if only a few colors were good it would still be worth it. 
    It was totally worth it too!  Yes there are some colors in the palette that are not so pigmented or apply chalky, but that's to be expected with a cheaper palette - especially with light colors. I have yet to find a brand that can create a good pigmented, non chalky pastel/light color. I am surprised how much I liked the palette for the fact that I prefer matte eye shadow and there are only a few mattes in this palette.
Column 1

     Shadows 1,2, and 3 are some of my favorites in the palette. They are quite pigmented and blend beautifully.Three is the most beautiful red color. Honestly I bought the palette because of that color. Shadows 4 and 5 are slightly less pigmented than the first three, but still usable with a little more time and building the color. However, 6, 7, and 8 were chalky and lacked pigment. They aren't worth your time of trying to use them to attempt to build, I just use silvers and whites from other palettes I have instead.

Column 2

    I really like this column. Shadow one surprised me. It is a matte navy blue and I expected it to take a while to build up color on my eye lid but it was super easy and resulted in a great blue smoky eye. Almost all of the darker colors are pigmented and easy to build. I really like every color in this column except 7 and 8. Boy oh boy do I wish 7 would have been more pigmented, its a gorgeous yellow with a hint of gold but I just couldn't get that color to transfer to my lid. Color 8 is the deepest silver with the most shimmer so I expected it to transfer well but it didn't. With that said, the rest of the column is a dream. Shadows 4, 5, and 6 are my most used in the palette so far besides the red from the first column. Shadow 2 is a denim jeans blue that applies nicely. Shadow 3 is a light shimmer-y blue that requires a little building but the results are worth it. Colors 4, 5, and 6 are all copper tones that compliment my blue eyes nicely. 

Column 3

        This column is mostly dark colors. 1 is a matte black that doesn't apply quite as smoothly as the matte blue to its left but it is still workable if you are willing to build the color in layers. 2 is a shimmer black that is quite pigmented and could be used as a liner or to create a smoky eye. 3 is a dark navy blue shimmer color that is also quite pigmented and creates a nice smoky eye. 4 is a green color with a strong silver metallic in it that is a medium pigment and will be nice for holiday looks this month. 5 is another silver shade that lacked decent pigment. 6 is a dark green with shimmer in it - I was impressed with this color, I didn't expect to like it as I don't gravitate toward green shadows but I will definitely wear it again! I expected zero pigmentation from 7 since the shade to its left lacked in color but this light green was build-able and created a very pretty look when paired with the green directly above it. 8 as i'm sure you can guess was a disappointment as well, lacked in pigmentation.

     Overall, if you ignore the silvers and a few of the lighter shades this palette is pretty nice. The price is hard to beat - around $4 for 24 shades, 15 of which I will continue to use again and again.
I recommend using a eye shadow primer with these shadows, as I suggest with all drugstore shadows.

     This palette is by the brand Profusion. I had never heard of it before walking into Walgreens a few weeks ago but I will definitely be trying other products by them in the future.

Have you ever tried this brand Profusion? 
What is your favorite eye shadow palette?

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