Monday, November 16, 2015

Meet Franklin

I have been MIA from blogging and social media the last week but I have a good reason!  Last week my husband and I made a trip to the local animal rescue to check out what they had. It was an innocent trip, just see the dogs. And then I met him...


Look at that face? 

He stole my heart.

     He is a very good pup but we have already had a roller coaster of a week with him. A few days before we met and adopted him, he had his bladder punctured while being neutered. He is getting back to normal but the medicine they had him on was affecting him a bit. 
    The vet estimated he is around one year (between 9 - 14 months). He is a poodle mix, which is suppose to be easier on those of us with allergies.
    Franklin loves napping/cuddles, belly rubs and being my shadow. He dislikes other dogs and being left alone, both of which are understandable being an abandoned pup recently at a rescue facility. 
     Expect to see much more of this little guy on my blog!

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