Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hello October.

Hello October. Fall bokeh:

      I am so excited about October. I am looking forward to some changes in weather (I am looking at you triple digit temperatures). This time of year is always exciting; seasons changing and holidays right around the corner. But this year I am even more excited than usual because it will be my first Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas married to my best friend. It will actually be my first fall/winter holidays with him in person! 
      The beginning of the month has me thinking about what I want to accomplish and work on this month. I decided to set some goals for myself. 

1.  Listen to my body
      If you follow my Instagram than you may know that I haven't been feeling very good lately. I have been over doing it a bit lately and it caught up with me. So this month I plan on really listening to my body. If it is telling me not to do something or that I just need some rest I am going to do what it says. Being chronically ill, your body calls the shots a lot of the time. It can be frustrating but it's better to just listen than deal with the payback later on of being stuck in bed feeling like death. 

2. Eat more protein
Don't get down, get protein! #makingproteinoutoflemons:
     I count my macros (protein, carbs, and fats) and I struggle to hit my protein most days. This month I am going to try to really focus on hitting my protein, I want to be able to give my body all the fuel it needs to repair and build those muscles!

3. Create a budget... & stick to it! 
      Being newlyweds money can be tight, I want to be a grown up and make a budget. I am trying out Dave Ramsey's Every Dollar program to create our budget. If nothing else, it should make us more conscious of the money we spend and what we are spending it on.

4. Work those Abs
Snowman abs - Join us on our mission to save British English!
      No, I am not dying for a six pack. I just have pretty weak abs and I am not a fan of working them, but I know I need to make them stronger. Having a stronger core has tons of great benefits.

5. Stretch
    I will admit I skip stretching sometimes. I know, I know. It's a bad habit but when I work out those muscles I am just ready to plop on the couch and rest.

6. Watch Netflix!
   Okay so this is more of a silly goal but hey, my body requires a lot of rest & this way I can still accomplish a goal while lounging around! This month I want to get caught up on Gotham & start watching Heroes (so that Heroes Reborn makes a little more sense to me)!

What are your goals for October?
Have you ever made a budget using an app or program?

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  1. The Every Dollar program is great! It's definitely helped me see where my money goes (was I really spending THAT much on fast food??) And I have a hard time getting my protein goals in as well. I just don't eat a lot of meat every day. I need to research what other foods have protein and add some of those to my diet.

    1. Glad to hear its good!! LOL yes, food is what we spend so much money on!