Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Favorites

Hello. Happy Friday & Happy Halloween Eve!
Hope you have a great weekend.
Here is what I have been loving this weekend.
{Not pictured - copious amounts of cough drops!}

Friday Funny

laugh and the world laughs cackle maniacally and people back away from you slowly:

My New Tumbler

My husband got this for me when he stopped by the store to get me drinks and cough drops! It made my day. Its pink and Arizona Cardinals (GO CARDS!!). 

My New Hair 

Rocking pigtails & granny style color
{Shout out to husband for helping me slather purple dye all over my hair!}


      Walks are my new favorite thing. I haven't been able to exercise much lately with my respiratory bug, but little walks have been keeping me moving and getting fresh air. I am so happy to be able to go on little walks. I would have never been able to take little walks a year ago. I didn't have the energy and I would get highly symptomatic from any little standing and walking. Yay Progress! 

Workout Leggings
See above picture.
I am in love with these black Danskin leggings. I may or may not have basically lived in them this week. #dontjudge  They are so comfortable - snug but stretch. I surprisingly love the fact that they are high waist. As a child I would not wear anything above my hips. I may have started the saggy pants gangster trend without even knowing it. 

What article of clothing do you 'live in'?

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  1. Haha - I know what you mean - I love higherwaisted pants now too. Especially for leggings - they stay up so much better! And leggings is definitely a clothing item I live in ;)