Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Everyone!! Hope you had a good week. This has been a really off week for me, I never knew what day it was and my chronic illnesses have been flaring up. But without further ado, this is what I have been loving this week.

Fall TV Ads Graded: Best & Worst of 2014. ------Only about three posters got an A. Most of the rest got B's and C's and about another three got a D. These range from "oh wow!! simply brilliant." to "oh no!! What were they thinking?":

      I am hooked. And all caught up!  I stopped watching it mid season and recently re-watched all of last season on Netflix and got caught up on this season.

     I feel like every other blog post I am talking about the weather. But the weather this week has been so nice. I usually post about how its triple digits and I'm sad I have to see people on social media in colder states dressed in cute fall clothes, sipping their hot seasonal drinks. However this week we had a major cool down - 82 degrees and raining most of the day. It was beautiful! Since then we have creep back up into the 90s but hey, its better than the 100+ temperatures.  I absolutely love rainy overcast days and wish I could have them 90% of the year!

      Cardinals Christmas plates! We instantly fell in love with them. I love anything snowflake or Cardinals. Our first holiday purchase! *smiles*


      I have become one of those people.... My husband and I were walking through the seasonal section at Walmart talking about how excited we are for Christmas, what we want to do, how we are going to decorate, etc. My husband was even singing Christmas songs at one point!  How did I get here?..  I have always been a firm believer in not 'rushing' a holiday. Christmas stuff out before Halloween is a bit extreme in my opinion. However this year I am already getting pumped for Christmas. Its most likely because this will be my husband and I's first Christmas together - I am looking forward to new memories and new traditions. 

     Final thing I have been loving this week is greek yogurt. Its so good, I eat it at least once a day. One of my goals for October was to eat more protein & greek yogurt is packed with protein so it is a tasty snack that is helping me achieve my goal! Also you can see my love for my red polka dotted spoon.

What is your favorite kind of weather?
Are you excited for the holidays or do you feel they are rushed?

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