Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Favorites

Wait, it's Friday again? This week has gone by fast! All week I have been a day behind; Tuesday I thought it was Monday, Wednesday I thought it was Tuesday... So this weekend has really snuck up on me, not that I'm complaining. I hope everyone had a good week and has an even better weekend. My week has been pretty relaxed since my illnesses have been acting up a bit and requiring me to rest. Now on to what I have been loving this week and some of my favorites things!


     Yay, NFL season is back!  I am a huge cardinals fan. I wasn't very into preseason this year & I thought I was broken but the first official season game was Sunday and I enjoyed every minute of it!

     Does this make me sound old? I really am an old soul, I get along great with generations older than me because I have more in common with them than a lot of people my age. My whole family has been watching this show lately. We get so into and pause it to try and figure out the puzzles before the contestants.

    I am 100% a leg girl. I love working out my legs. I feel I can build muscle easier in my legs than my arms. Plus before I became ill, I was a dancer and cheeerleader so I built leg muscle from leaps, kicks, and jumps. Sadly I lost a lot of muscle when I became ill and had to spend most hours in bed. Since I have started to build muscle I look forward to leg day and dread arm day! However this week I have been looking forward to arm days more than leg days. Above is my workout from Wednesday

      This is my favorite quote this week. It is so easy to get discouraged on your fitness/health journey. Our mind tells us that we will never be able to be as healthy or fit or strong as others, but you can't let that stop you. You have to keep trying every single day, do your best & make an effort to improve.

      This is so me. I am not a fan of shaving my legs and it just isn't all that easy with my chronic illnesses. However, while it is pumpkin spice galore, where I live it is still in the upper 90's everyday so I can not bust out the leggings and boots yet. Boo! 

Does it feel like fall where you live?
What is your favorite body part to workout? What is your least?
Do you watch NFL?

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