Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!! 
Hope everyone had a good week. 

Today is the day I share with all of you what I have been loving this week. I encourage you to comment what you have been loving as well.
I will start off with something delicious.
Fresh Peaches. 
I can't get enough of them this week. 

Secondly, Psych. Psych, Psych, so much Psych.
This show is on Netflix & I can't stop watching it.
I love playing it while I workout (and every other time of the day).

Funny of the Week

Right?! Like 'serving size = half cookie', I don't think so. 
Lastly, I am currently loving my diet/nutrition plan. 
I have been counting macros the past few weeks & so far I feel it is working for me.
I plan to write a post on my diet & why I chose to count macros. 

Friday Fail

No thank you, never again. 
I had high expectations for this bar. The stats are great and it has a simple ingredient list with no sugar alcohol (which is a huge plus to me), but sadly, it just didn't deliver. The flavor was weird and it tasted nothing like chocolate chip cookie dough in my opinion.

What have you been loving this week? Do you have a show on Netflix you can't stop watching? 

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