Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Favorites

Hello Friends! I hope you have had a good week. It is Friday so I am here to share what I have been loving this week! 

     I am loving this lemon essential oil. On Wednesday I reviewed the oil. I have been using it this last week for a LOT of different things including as a cleaning solution to kill all the bacteria in the house from my husband who is sick (even though he claims he never gets sick). I was most impressed that it took the sticky residue off of a brush that had a sticker on it.

So in love with this nail polish color this week. I am usually not a fan of nudes but something about this one has me obsessed. It is Florence by Julep. It has quite a runny formula but as long as you got the excess off the brush it was easy to apply.

I have been craving (and eating) guacamole like crazy this week. I had some Monday night at Chipotle and it was the best I had ever had. After that night it was all I could think about! 

Franklin's Favorite

Franklin is loving these beef flavored Canine Carryouts that he received as a Christmas present from my grandparents. If I leave the bag out on the counter or table he will keep walking by them and trying to get to them. He has been much more excited to practice tricks now that these are in the mix of treats!

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  1. girl i could eat guac all the time ha! great post and glad i found your blog through the linkup! hope youll stop by mine!

    1. Haha! I have never been a big guac person but I feel like I finally get why everyone loves it so much!
      Thanks for stopping by!